The GranTurismo line is the culmination of three years of research and development work to achieve the perfect balance between design, comfort and performance. It is the most exclusive family of boats in the Lomac range, not least in terms of attention to detail, choice of materials and personalisation options, and features hulls optimised by CFD modeling, vacuum infusion lamination with vinyl ester resin, neopentyl gelcoat, aramid fibers to reinforce the T-top, deck and hull, and 100% ‘Made in Milan’ design by Federico Fiorentino. A maxi-rib that’s also the ideal luxury tender. Unbeatable.


Performance, control and seaworthiness, combined with a unique design and superior comfort, are the signature features of the Lomac Adrenalina range. Speed and safety are guaranteed by uncompromising build quality, with vacuum infusion lamination, a neopentyl gelcoat, aramid fiber reinforcements and CFD modeling to optimise hull design. Styled by celebrated designer Federico Fiorentino, the Adrenalina line is ideal for groups of friends, or for one or two couples, but also for a dynamic, curious family looking for a fast and safe way to go exploring.


The TURISMO range is a big success story for Lomac and resale values are high. The boats have a typically Italian design featuring plenty of space on board, created for couples, families or groups of friends looking for cruising comfort combined with high performance when it’s needed. Style, versatility, performance and safety, plus extensive personalisation options with dedicated accessories and the choice of two standard colours: dark grey and ivory.


Versatility, functionality, performance and safety, combined with an excellent quality price ratio. The EUFORIA line from Lomac is all this and much more. An extremely versatile range, it is designed for singles, couples or families in search of a reliable, compact boat for inshore cruising or exploring beaches and bays. Ideal for rental services or as tenders, the boats in the EUFORIA line are a big commercial success story for Lomac and resale values are high.


If you have a passion for fishing and don’t want to compromise on design, performance and safety, you can choose the Lomac Big Game range with confidence. A line of boats created exclusively for fishing, based on tried and tested hull designs that are fast and safe in all sea conditions. Deck fittings include live tanks, retractable drawer units for artificial bait and hooks, and fixed and swiveling rod-holders at the stern and on the sides. The onboard systems are also designed and laid out to facilitate fishing, like the steering consoles that protect electronic fishing equipment.


Even the “smallest” boats in the Tender range have all the design, comfort and build quality that are a feature of the entire Lomac production range. Developed as support boats for pleasure craft, they are compact, lightweight, versatile, safe and ideal for exploring inshore waters.


Strong and reliable, the models in the Club series are designed and built to offer professionals maximum reliability, performance, safety and reliability. Even the choice of materials used for the Club line has been guided by the need to cater for heavy-duty daily use and extended or even continuous service, as well as to guarantee long term durability even in conditions of great stress and wear. That is why law enforcement, fire-fighting, diving and civil defence operators from countries around the world are confident in their choice of Club line boats.