Salt, sun, oils, high temperatures, petrol and wear and tear are the greatest enemies of every boat and sometimes affect performance.

For the maintenance of every part of the inflatable boat, Lomac Nautica now offers the Linea Pulizia, a series of products specially designed to guarantee the maximum performance of the various parts as time goes no. Cooperating with a well-known chemical products firm, Lomac Nautica offers five, very easy to use, products:

  • Degreasing detergent:
    an excellent product for cleaning both the tubes and the bottom; it can remove dirt and fouling without damaging the more exposed parts.
  • Super-degreasing detergent:
    with a much more aggressive action than “Degreasing Detergent” it is particularly suited for thorough cleaning of particularly fouled bottoms and for cleaning the bilge “drip pan”.
  • Saddlery detergent:
    a very useful product for cleaning everything in imitation leather, such as the cushions of the sundeck and the seats in the cockpit or the stern.
  • Deoxidising detergent:
    this is a specific deoxidiser for treating all the particularly oxidised parts in steel such as steering wheels in stainless steel, the hinges of lids, the lifeline to the console and so on.
  • Protective polish for inflatable boats:
    used when the craft has been cleaned, this polish keeps the performance of every part of the inflatable boat unaltered over time.