Since the beginning of the sixties Lomac Nautica has been the leader in the sector of construction and marketing of inflatable craft for sports and work.

Thanks to its experience and manufacturing know-how, inherited from the previous business of construction of machinery for the shoe-manufacturing industry, the Lo Manto family transferred the technique of bonding and processing special fabrics to the field of marine rubber manufacturing, thus optimising construction times.


At the beginning of the eighties Lomac was the first European shipyard to introduce into Europe and to market the most revolutionary idea in the sector: replacing simple planked with a fibreglass bottom.

The advantages turned out to be so vast that all the European shipyards changed their system of manufacture and a new season started for what is now regarded as the safest kind of vessel.


The Lomac firm, which has always been managed by the Lo Manto family, constantly strives to interpret market demand correctly, producing a range of inflatable craft that includes a wide and specialised selection of models: from the smallest, collapsible inflatable boats to ocean-going craft.


Current production includes 58 models, grouped into 7 series. Each model is designed and built for very specific types of use and is the result of the combination of very high technology with the careful precision of craftsmen on the part of a firm that has been a market leader for over 35 years.

Lomac also makes and markets original accessories and specific maintenance products to suit each model.